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All Comrades are certified in Pet First Aid, Licensed, and Insured/Bonded. We adhere to Evidence Based Principals of Animal Learning, and an Aversive-Free, Force-Free, Positive Reinforcement philosophy, which is scientifically supported for efficient behaviour modification and animal welfare.

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We service Toronto's West End: Parkdale, Roncesvalles, Trinity Bellwoods, West Queen West, Little Portugal, Beaconsfield Village, King West Village, Liberty Village, Fashion District.

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Neighbourhood Dog Walks

20$ +tax
  • Neighbourhood Dog Walks are designed to help dogs exercise their socialization muscles, obtain their step goal for the day, and hit that daily sniffing quota. These walks are tailored to dogs suitable to walk with 3 - 5 other neighbouring dogs, on-leash, for 1 hour.

Semi Private Dog Walks

23$ +tax
  • Semi Privates are a lovely opportunity for recovering cranky canines, toy-sized breeds, puppies in training and senior pups, that want a few friends, but not too many. Its the goldilocks of walking services we provide. Your pup will walk with 1 - 2 other friends, on-leash for 30 minutes. What more could your dog ask for?

Private Dog Walks

26$ +tax
  • Private Dog Walks are the bread and butter of our services. We feel that not all dogs are suitable for walking on leash with other dogs. Some are puppies, some are seniors, or some are just in the beginning phases of cranky canine recovery. These walks are one-on-one tailored to give your dog space where they need it for 30 minutes.

Training Walks

45$ +tax
  • Often times dogs will start our Private Dog Walks, but may need some additional training to make it safe for both dog, and dog walker to adveture out on walks. These walks are tailored around the training plans set up in the Initial Training Consult. These sessions are one-on-one, for 30 minutes with a Professional Trainer. Check out our training services for more information.

Dog Training

  • We elect to aversive-free training, and a evidence-based approach to animal learning through Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA).
  • What does that mean? We don't use any tools or techniques that are designed to elicit pain, or use intimidation to obtain desired behaviour. We believe in allowing your dog to be empowered by choice in their training. We encourage the behaviours we like through positive reinforcement. Offering things the dog desires (treats, toys, access etc...) when they get things right. But, we also believe in the removal of things the dog desires, when they get things wrong (ie. time-outs, or playtime over etc...).

Initial Training Consult

150$ +tax
  • Upon starting your training endeavours we want to start you and your pup off on the right paw. Training your pup can be a treacherous mountain to climb, and not all mountains are held equal. The Initial Training Consult is 1.5 hours. We will discuss your training problems, communicate the principals of how your pup best learns, install management tools, devise attainable training goals and design a training plan that best suits your budget and time-line. After your Initial Training Consult, we offer three services described below (and Training Walks, discussed above in our Walking Services).

Basic Training

60-90$ +tax
  • Upon completing your Initial Training Consult, we offer quick little refresher sessions for basic training. This is designed to help coach you through training plans, and keep you on track for your basic goals. These sessions can vary between 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the logistics of the training plan we are working through and your dogs needs.

Puppy Training

100$ +tax
  • Oh BOY!! Puppyhood is a beast to get through, but the hardwork you put in in the early days will pay off throughout your dogs life. These sessions after your Initial Training Consult are 1 hour. Our focus is to help problem solve your management protocol in these early chewing/potty days, help invest in some socialization opportunities and counsel you through any other hurdles you face. We got you!

Behaviour Modification Counseling

120$ +tax
  • Behaviour Modification is designed for those dogs that have mountains with rugged terrain, high cliffs, and a never ending steep climb. These sessions are 1 hour and designed around dogs that have underlying fear and aggression problems to dogs, people, sound, being alone etc... Don't worry, we are here to help your dog feel safe, calm and secure as you navigate their needs in this scary world. Scared Pups Unite!!

Other Services

  • Cat Visits 21$ /30mins +tax
  • Evening and Weekend Walks 32$ /30mins +tax
  • Boarding 80$ /24hrs +tax

Our Comrades

Nicole Barnett

Founder, Trainer and Walker

Nicole founded Sparky’s Comrade Inc. in 2011. She is currently working towards completing her Certificate in Training and Counseling (CTC) from The Academy for Dog Trainers. A two-year certificate program in Applied Animal Behaviour and Dog Training. Nicole is dog-mom to Peanut, a crazy terrier rescue, and a sweet, yet outgoing cat named Bailey.

Caitlin (Katie) Kingston


Katie joined the Sparky’s Comrade team in 2018, but been dog walking since 2014. Katie completed the Dog Walker Tech program at the Toronto Center for Canine Education in 2014. She is a self-taught behaviour modification geek and is on the forefront as our top private and semi-private dog walker for our cranky canines. She is dog-mom to Bob, standard poodle, the most ball obsessed pup you will ever meet.

Cathy Waszczuk


Cathy joined the Sparky’s Comrade team as a subcontractor in 2018. Cathy had been dog walking for a year prior to joining our team, eager to learn more about dog behaviour. In her past-time she loves to get artsy doing embroidery and point ballet, but more importantly adventuring out with her rescue pups Rory and Sophie.

Zack Rosen


Zack joined the Sparky's Comrade team as a subcontractor in 2018, but had been walking dogs on his own while living in the States previously. He recently moved to Canada to pursue some freelance writing/art work, but still passionate to continue working with animals. He is also an expert in the care of exotic animals and has a spunky cat named Beaker and a shy, but precious hedgehog named Spike.

Caitlin Smith

Boarder and Walker

Caitlin joined the Sparky’s Comrade team as a subcontractor in 2018. Caitlin originally used our services a while back when she was working full time at Ryerson University. Recently decided to dive back into the books studying at George Brown College. She is currently our only boarder on staff that is pet-less allowing for amazing one-on-one individualized staycations for your dog.