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Socialization + Exercise Walks

Starting at 256$/mth
  • One-on-one dog walks providing your dog general socialization, developing your dogs loose leash walking skills and building your dogs confidence with new things. Of course, your dog will get silly and enjoy their Comrade with lots of fun and games. We will explore the different parts of the neighbourhood socializing your dog around new people, dogs, and sights/sounds/smells. Great first start for your dog’s overall wellness.
  • Full-Time Monthly Membership Monday to Friday Walks - 520$+tax
  • Part-Time Monthly Membership Monday/Wednesday/Friday Walks - 360$+tax
  • Part-Time Monthly Membership Tuesday/Thursday Walks - 256$+tax

Enrichment + Companion Training Walks

Starting at 520$/mth
  • One-on-one dog walks, general enrichment, companion training and a monthly one-hour virtual training consult with a professional dog trainer. During the training consult we develop a plan of skills you want your dog to adopt when becoming an ideal companion dog. On these walks we will tackle a lot of the training for you. Furthermore, there will be plenty of extra enrichment throughout the walk and all the benefits listed above in our Socialization + Exercise Walks. Great for dogs needing to develop their impulse control skills, such as, leave it and sit stays. Learning to enjoy getting their harness on and off. Mastering any other skills that would make them an ideal companion dog for each of our client’s unique needs. We will be happy to do a lot of the leg work for you as you navigate the new world of training your dog. Ideal for new rescues, and puppies.
  • Full-Time Monthly Membership Monday to Friday Walks + one-hour Virtual Consult – 1000$+tax
  • Part-Time Monthly Membership Monday/Wednesday/Friday Walks + one-hour Virtual Consult – 710$+tax
  • Part-Time Monthly Membership Tuesday/Thursday Walks + one-hour Virtual Consult – 520$+tax

Behaviour Modification Training Walks

Starting at 720$/mth
  • One-on-one dog walks, with a central focus on Behaviour Modification for Fear and Aggression related issues. This includes 2 one-hour virtual training consults with video aid to assist in transfer of skills and anything else specific to the goals addressed during the B-Mod Training Walks. On these walks we focus on tailored made training plans to help build your dogs confidence and develop behaviour change that over time changes your dog’s emotional response regarding scary things. We want to help you live a more harmonious life with your dog, providing them the patience and training they deserve. You no longer need to navigate this world alone.
  • Full-Time Monthly Membership Monday to Friday Walks + 2 one-hour Virtual Consult – 1400$+tax
  • Part-Time Monthly Membership Monday/Wednesday/Friday Walks + 2 one-hour Virtual Consult – 940$+tax
  • Part-Time Monthly Membership Tuesday/Thursday Walks + 2 one-hour Virtual Consult – 720$+tax

Service Restrictions Due to Covid-19

Our Goals
  • Provide Group Walks at a Discounted Rate.
  • Provide In-Person Dog Training Consults.


Currently operating with reduced services due to Covid-19. All new inquiries will be done virtually, key exchanges and dog walks will be orchestrated in a contactless fashion. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue our community obligation to socially distance during this time. All training will be done virtually with We Work for Treats.

Sparky's Comrade Inc.

Positive Reinforcement and Force Free Dog Walking and Training Service in Toronto's West End. We are pet first aid certified, insured, bonded and licensed. All trainers are qualified professional dog trainers.

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Our Comrades

Nicole Barnett, CTC

Director, Dog Walker and Trainer

Nicole founded Sparky’s Comrade Inc. in 2011. She completed her Certificate in Training and Counselling (CTC) from The Academy for Dog Trainers in August 2019. A two-year certificate program in Applied Animal Behaviour and Dog Training. Nicole founded We Work for Treats, a Virtual Dog Training Studio with Online Courses, Virtual Consults and a YouTube Channel. Nicole is dog-mom to Peanut, a crazy terrier rescue, and a sweet, yet outgoing cat named Bailey.