Sparky's Comrade - Terms of Service

Hours of Operations

Monday to Friday 9am to 5 pm (evenings by Appointment Only)
Saturday/Sunday/Statutory Holidays by Appointment Only

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All Comrades are:

• Insured and Bonded

• Licensed with The City of Toronto

• Pet First Aid certified with Walks’n’Wags

What do you need to provide us?

• Rabies Vaccination Documentation

• Toronto Municipality License

• Identification Tag (emergency contact number)

• Collar with Identification Tag, Toronto Municipality License Tag and Rabies Tag

• Harnesses: Approved Harnesses - Easy Walk Harness, Perfect Fit, Freedom Harness, Haquihana (and others within reason, due to dogs mobility/shape. Approval of other harnesses will be discussed in the consult)

Sparky’s Comrade is a Force Free and Positive Reinforcement pet service provider. Sparky’s Comrade follows evidence based, aversive-free philosophy and require all active members to uphold the same values, morals and ethics. What does this mean?

• We never use any tools that could inflict pain or fear, such as, prong collars, choke collars, electric shock collars or bark (spray, sound or vibration) collars.

• We never us any methods that are meant to intimidate, startle or physically harm their pet in the form of punishment (ie. Hitting, leash popping/yanking, alpha rolling, kicking, shouting, pinching etc..)

• We only us humane punishment (ie. time outs, ignoring undesirable behaviour, removing motivators)

• We require all members to disclose any past/present/future trainers they have consulted with, and any methods they have or wish to conduct on their pet.


• Cancellations after 9am day of service will result in a full service charge.

Payment Methods:

• Cash

• Cheque “Sparky’s Comrade Inc”

• Email Transfer:

Vacation/Sick/Personal Days:

• All members agree in the case that their Comrade is sick, requests a personal day or takes vacation it is up to the owner to find alternate arrangements for their pet.

• All sick days will be notified 9am day of service, all personal days will be provided a 1 week notice, and all vacations will be provided a 1 month notice.

Extreme Weather

• During the winter months and some hot summer days we will reduce walks accordingly for those that are sensitive to extreme weather.

• In the event there is an extreme weather warning, we will request cancellations and limited number of emergency pee breaks will be available.